About Us

Grandpa's Workshop:

We strive to make a product that will last a lifetime. All based as a father & daughter business. We strive for quality not quantity. My daughter age 14 is just as dedicated to this as I am. We do this all from our heart. 

Giving Back

We do generate sales, to allow us to give back to kids all over the world.   With some great sponsors all over the the U.S. and Canada. Without them, we would not be able to do this.  So make sure to check them out! 

All from our heart.

Every single toy that we make here or sell,  ends up giving away or to make more toys. Yes, we sell toys. 100%  of the proceeds of sells goes into making more toys to give away. We call it our "Giving Back" fund. We are all about helping kids going through a tough time in their lives.  The mile's of smile's is worth every penny. Thank you for all your support.